The World Usability Day 2018

08.11.2018, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Zurich

World Usability Day 2018 Logo
We were looking forward for the WUD in Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart und Zurich

This year’s World Usability Day was all about „UX Design for Good or Evil?“. We were looking forward to sharing our thoughts about this topic in several talks — on different WUDs Germany-wide:

Munich: „Ethics and Artifical Intelligence“

Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed rapidly during the last years. It goes without saying that the evaluation of the actions of these systems also follows at this point. Which decision is ethically correct? Which one is not? How can a meaningful assessment be achieved if the environment, areas of application, actors and systems are constantly evolving? Our UX developer Sophia Schlegel addressed these and other questions in her presentation.

Munich: „Green UX & DEV“

Energy, climate and software - terms that are on everyone's lips, at first glance there is no connection. Is there still one?
When it comes to the implementation of cloud solutions and the almost infinite number of mobile devices, the focus is not only on the feasibility of ideas and products but also on their implementation. The efficiency and sustainability of software play a decisive role here. But can sustainability be influenced at all with UX Design and Development? Or is there a "dark" side to UX power here? Florian Faßnacht dealt with exactly these questions in his talk.

Ergosign at the World Usability Day 2018 Munich
Our speakers: Florian Faßnacht and Sophia Schlegel

Ergosign at the World Usability Day 2018 Munich
Alexandra Dercho and Susanne Zednik at the WUD Munich

Stuttgart: „Collaborative UX Design“

Many companies are by now convinced that the establishment of a UX Strategy for service and product development is of outstanding importance. Workshops can be a promising method in many areas and project phases, where UX designers, developers, project managers or project owners often act as moderators.
The presentation introduced the process model for Collaborative UX Design and presented a collection of suitable methods and tools that can be used especially in the early project phase to structure workshops with customers and users and to quickly achieve valuable results.

Ergosign at the World Usability Day 2018 Stuttgart
Visitors could test our MR showcase in Stuttgart

Ergosign at the World Usability Day 2018 Stuttgart

Hamburg: „Team-Dojo/Organization and Team Development in Martial Art Design“

For the WUD Hamburg, we prepared both an exciting workshop and a talk.

Ergosign at the World Usability Day 2018 Hamburg
Our Team at the WUD Hamburg

We were looking forward to discussing these and other topics with participants and visitors.

For more information about the different WUDs in Germany and Switzerland, visit the official homepage of the German UPA and the homepage of the WUD.

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