A different kind of team event

Ergosign employees in the Alt Saarbrücker Children’s and Youth House

Team event in the Alt Saarbrücker Children’s and Youth House
Our enthuasiastic helpers

Team spirit, motivation and a good working relationship are very important to us and an integral part of Ergosign's corporate culture. That is why we have - in addition to the big events with all the colleagues - as well events within the individual teams. Generally, an afternoon is used for a team event to spend time with colleagues and to experience something exciting. Very popular are in particular activities like Lasertag, bowling and go-karting.

Team event in the Alt Saarbrücker Children’s and Youth House
The Alt Saarbrücker Children’s and Youth House

This year two of our Ergosign teams have come up with something different and spent their annual team event at the Alt Saarbrücker Children's and Youth House ("The Falcons"). The purpose was to use the time together wisely and to support the organization, which do valuable work throughout the entire year.
So they grabbed the brush and garden tools. They did not only work in the garden, but also the kitchen and the common room got a new coat of pain - the kids were immediately thrilled.

Team event in the Alt Saarbrücker Children’s and Youth House

The Children's and Youth House is an institution for open leisure activities in the Dellengartenstraße in the district of Alt Saarbrücken.
Here, children and young people of all ages are cared for several days a week and are supported in many ways.

The caregivers of the children's and youth center deal intensively with the children. Regular activities and leisure activities take place. The offer includes numerous and varied leisure activities such as trips to the cinema, skating, climbing or even a visit to the Christmas market.
Healthy nutrition is also a very important issue. Several times a week, they cook freshly in the children’s kitchen. Every Wednesday the children have the opportunity to get to know food from many different countries during the culinary world trip.

We hope that with our time and dedication we could contribute a little to the great work of the institution.
Thanks for this afternoon! It was great fun for us! ☺

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