Internship in the marketing department


My name is Svenja and I have done an internship at Marketing/Corporate Communications at Ergosign GmbH for 11 weeks, in line with my psychology studies at Mannheim university. My goal was to find out if this field of work suits me as a future profession.
The well-known stereotypes such as „Your only work will be making coffee“ were totally wrong during my internship. On my very first day I got welcomed warmly and I was thrilled by this easy/laid-back contact between one another, for example during the common breakfast every Monday.
Ergosign is very concerned about the well-being of its employees and therefore organizes numerous benefits, excursions (in September to Mallorca), team events (e.g. lasertagging) and health supply (gym, physiotherapy...). The only way to work efficiently is with happy and motivated colleagues. This experience at Ergosign impressed me very much.

teamevent dinner
teamevent dinner

It might not be clear for everyone which similarities exist between psychology and marketing. But I’ ve already learned in my second semester why a customer with a favorable brand mindset is convinced of all products of a brand. If he is impressed by a company, he will mostly appreciate all of the other products of this brand, even if he did not t try them yet. Because of his positive mind concerning the brand, he is positively biased of all other products.

You can also see the similarities on the basis of my work at Ergosign:
We discussed in work groups how others perceive Ergosign as company and brand and if this fits our own way of perception/feeling. Therefore, we interviewed other colleagues and analyzed the conversations.
Moreover a psychologist in the marketing sector has to choose giveaways and corporate material for e.g. trade fairs. You have to think about questions like : How can we leave a positive impression in potential customers’ minds? How can we be indispensable as a company? And how can we attract attention/stand out among other competitors?
With the help of these and many other subjects I’ve already gained an insight in what is waiting form e in the next semester. I am excited about lectures like marketing and advertising psychology or economy-based psychology.

I am very thankful that Ergosign and especially the Corporate Communications team involved me in their work and gave me an overview of what they are doing. This internship was very helpful for my studies and my future choice of profession.

I will miss the weekly meetings and common rituals. I wish all colleagues at Ergosign a pleasureful work and success for their future.

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