Young work colleague gets recognition

Alexandra Dercho received a recognition in the category of 'Digital Design' for their Bachelor thesis on the subject of 'Diseases on hiking'

We are very pleased to announce that our UX designer Alexandra Dercho, together with her bachelor group at the 'The Bavarian State Prize for young designers', have received a recognition in the category of ”Digital Design“ for their Bachelor thesis on the subject of 'Diseases on hiking'.

The prize ceremony took place at the 6. March 2017

The work deals with the spreading of infectious diseases by mosquitoes and a possibility to act against them.
Alexandra and her bachelor group have worked out an installation for this, which is also part of the exhibition “Dangerous Souvenirs”. The purpose of the installation is to present the mosquitoes as transmitters of diseases in detail. The user can learn more about the different mosquitoes and gets more information on their spreading. The goal is also to increase awareness on one’s own protection during the next trip.

Bavarian Stare Prize for Alexandra Dercho from Ergosign
Recognition for Alexandra Dercho

The developed concept of the installation is based on the real examination procedures of mosquitoes in the laboratory and on the interaction between human and machine. The intuitive operation is achieved by a combination of touch and counter measure as well as 'tangible interactions'.
Due to the strong analogies to reality, which are reflected as well in the interaction concept as in the formal design, a positive user experience is generated, increasing the learning effect.
The highlight of the media installation is created by the users placing their hands on the touch screen. By the projections on the hand, the exhibitors can feel the bite and observe the effects of a bite by an infected mosquito on themselves.

More informationa bout the project can be found here

The 'Bavarian State Prize for young designers' was awarded this year for the 17th time by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. 57 junior designers presented their varied and creative work in a total of 8 categories. After a preselection, the jury awarded a total of six prizes and gave further recognitions to eleven works. The award ceremony took place on March 6th, 2017 in the BMW World in Munich. Selected projects will still be exhibited in the foyer until March26th.

Congratulations Alexandra — We are very pleased with your success and that we have such a talented colleague in our company!

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