Service Design for Frontline Aid Platform
Christian Lenz Sandra Engel

Frontline Aid — Bureaucracy mustn’t stop Fundraising.

Christian Lenz Principal UX Designer, Solution Manager Service Design

Sandra Engel
Senior Communication Manager, Lead Management Expert

16.03.2020 • 5 minutes reading time

"To donate or not donate?" This should never be the question! Instead, ask "Donate? Yes — but to whom?"
The start-up "Frontline Aid" set itself the mission to increase the visibility of small, local, donatable projects. We supported the planning, design and implementation of their online services through intensive service design support.

When donating, we often think of big, popular organizations. Per se, that’s not bad, but this mindset creates a concentration of donations for NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and countless small, local projects fall by the wayside.

Frontline Aid wants to stop this.

The start-up has made it its business to:

In cooperation with Frontline Aid, we already created both a sustainable strategy and precise visions for the online access to a new platform type for donation distribution.

Brainstorming with Frontline Aid
Brainstorming with Frontline Aid

Organization, Administration and Visibility

According to Frontline Aid’s research, about 99% of donations are given to big, popular organizations. However, only just under two percent of global donations actually reach local projects (source: Charter4Change/Local2Global).

Due to several problems, it is hard for many small, local projects to be recognized or even found by donors. Lack of change maker’s language skills (local project initiators), time or access to technical means of communication are only the tip of the iceberg.

Additionally, countless volunteers, institutions or donors fail due to the high bureaucratic and administrative hurdles and thus initiatives nip in the bud.

Service Design for an Improved Online Access

Frontline Aid wants to provide a digital service which both connects all stakeholders and enables local change makers to realise their projects.
Our service design process is perfect in order to create an efficient, user- and value-oriented service:

We refined the assumptions of Frontline Aid's previous research and created detailed processes based on our interviews, research and workshops.

Joint Workshop for defining the onboarding process with post its
Defining the Onboarding Process

Detailed Insights and Advantages

Throughout interviews with stakeholders, an intensive research phase and workshops, we found to how the service can really be an improvement for them:

Mobile concept Screen of Frontline Aid Plattform
Mobile Concept Screen: Project Overview for Changemakers

An extensive Online Service

Our design team created a detailed vision for Frontline Aid of how their platform and service can look like to successfully create added value for all stakeholders.

The service shall be created to keep the bureaucratic burden for all its users as small as possible.

Frontline Aid creates clarity, transparency and efficiency — and at the same time forms important connections between all parties.

Important but tiring tasks are shared between the respective, competent, responsible person.

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