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High-quality human-machine interfaces (HMI) and visualization are increasingly used to control machines and set new standards when it comes to intuitive operability and agreeable UI design. Colourful images and bewildering animations are a thing of the past — more and more manufacturers take the chance to improve their products’ quality by a consistent interaction concept and proper graphical implementation of their user interface. 

With our extensive project experience in various sectors of the industry, we can support you with the planning and realization of excellent HMI solutions.

Industry worker interacting with innovative HMI / Multitouch

Industry-specific requirements

Our project portfolio ranges from rather small baking machines all the way to huge steel production plants. As different as the operational contexts may seem, usually a number of characteristic industry-specific requirements can be made out: systems within this sector are usually equipped with sophisticated concepts for fault localization and correction, a clear distribution of roles and functions, and recipe management. As a consequence thereof, internationalization is also a relevant topic. Our long-standing project experience enables us to identify respective requirements and thus realize your high-quality HMI in compliance with relevant standards (e.g. ISO 9241, “new Machinery Directive“).

Consistence from HMI to control station

The human-machine interactions present in industrial plants range from control & monitoring all the way to order & production planning. Moreover, the respective operating conditions significantly differ from each other (local HMIs, process control systems (SCADA) or de-centralized control stations), and even mobile application scenarios play an increasingly important role. As a consequence, cross-platform technology and control concepts that are structured consistently and harmonically across various functional and equipment-dependent requirements are clearly a competitive edge.

Innovative — from 3D to multi-touch

Interactive 3D images, smooth animations and multi-touch applications are considered current trends and provide plenty of potential for innovative control concepts that stand out from common systems. At the same time, they impose new requirements on advanced visualization systems, and they influence both system performance as well as implementation efforts. We support you with making technological decisions — accounting for the various requirements towards the graphics and dynamics featured by advanced HMIs – and thus make sure that the chosen options not just produce a short-term “wow effect”, but also deliver sustainable value to the end user.

Process visualization

Machinery visualization is an important means to illustrate a production process or a machine’s structural set-up. Frequently, it is used as orientation guide, to navigate within a system or for error tracking. The level of detail in which a machine is presented depends on the visualization’s function and the machine’s complexity. It ranges from schematic drawings all the way to realistic 3D models. A central economical aspect is the solution’s reproducibility and adaptability across different variants of serial or individual machines. The key is to select the right tool chain of 3D, drawing and programming tools to facilitate an (automatic) workflow.

Technologies and tools

The market provides a large number of well-established visualization tools – each with its own pros and cons. Apart from the need for reusability and adaptability, the focus is increasingly on graphical abilities. Technologies such as WPF, combined with advanced visualization tools like VisiWin (Inosoft), already meet these requirements today. In addition to that, our know-how in various other development environments such as Zenon (CopaData), WinCC (Siemens) or Beijer enables us to optimally support customers and developers.

Our services

  • Elaboration of intuitive HMI guidelines and innovative high-end visualizations
  • Instructions for operating concepts and training (e.g. in the event of technology change)
  • Expertise in state-of-the-art technologies and visualization tools from VisiWin to WinCC

Whether it is by training, short-term intervention or within the scope of long-term cooperation — we support numerous renowned enterprises and help them to develop fascinating user interfaces for next generation machine operation.

We are satisfied not only by the creative design provided, but also by the goal-oriented and precise communication with our development team. ”

Andreas Wocke, CEO IPETRONIK