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For advanced enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM or BI systems, a high level of usability is an essential quality criterion. By now, it is no longer only about efficient control. Today’s users also expect the same excellent user experience design they have come to know from consumer applications and devices.

Innovatives UI Design für Office- und Enterprise-Anwendungen

Efficiency & user satisfaction

High usability levels allow for achieving efficiency increases on the one hand and reducing support-related expenses on the other. Moreover, a high level of user acceptance is essential for employee satisfaction and motivation especially with in-house applications. By implementing a user-centred approach that also involves users in the UX design process, additional positive side-effects can be realized.

Mobile access to business data

Besides traditional desktop solutions, mobile applications are increasingly prioritized. In this context, it is not only about facilitating intuitive operation for the respective mobile terminal. Sophisticated UI design concepts serve to avoid gaps between platforms or form factors and create a consistent user experience — from smartphones to tablet-PCs all the way to desktop appliances.

Our services

The introduction and implementation of user-centred approaches requires diligent planning and realization competency. Being an established enterprise in the sector of user-centred design, we support customers in both the private as well as the public sector with planning, executing and implementing individual UX design projects:

Ergosign was able to produce creative solution proposals after a short period of time. The agreed design allows novices as well as power users an efficient navigation and usage of our software. ”

Matthias Joneck, CAS AG