Service Capabilities

UX Management

The sustainable implementation of your user experience strategy frequently requires a revision of the development process. We support you with planning and coordinating the respective restructuring and with establishing central user experience competencies in your company.

Change management


In this first stage, it is important to establish awareness for the meaning of user orientation. The key idea of user-centred design should be imparted by a management coalition and demonstrated through a comprehensible vision.


Based on this vision, we will mutually address the implementation of some first projects. In addition to accompanying UX training, also near-term success stories and accurate summarizing of results are of high significance at this stage.


In order to create lasting added value, the key players will have to internalize procedures and goals. Just as much, respective responsibilities will have to be clearly defined. Furthermore, approved concepts will have to be tested continuously and optimized, if necessary.

For more than two years, a team of Ergosign consultants has worked closely together with our internal user interface specialists. Their work was very valuable and has clearly contributed to the quality of our current designs. ”

Chris Peters, SAP AG

UX governance

High quality standards with respect to user experience design require rules and roles equipped with appropriate authorities. We support you in continuously monitoring the consistency of your change-request process and the escalation management with our expertise and long-standing experience.


In consideration of general principles, regulations (e.g. ISO 9241) and system standards, we will work out company-specific guidelines with you. These will comprise both specific instructions and materials, and project results such as prototypes.

Checks & reviews

In order to ensure constantly high quality, we will support with developing and implementing various tools such as checklists & reviews to evaluate your application by applying a defined set of guidelines.

UX toolbox

We are also pleased to assist you with preparing web-based documentations that do not only provide all involved parties with time-efficient access to diverse design-related information but also serve as platform for active exchange and the promotion of user experience-related topics.