Service Capabilities


Modern technologies such as WPF, HTML5 or mobile platforms with multi-touch open up new and exciting opportunities to develop outstanding user interface designs. As a result, realization is getting more and more challenging – but our experts are well acquainted with these technologies and specialize in implementing innovative UX concepts.

UI Developer discussing different technologies for implementation of an ui design

Microsoft WPF and Silverlight: XAML with C #

The Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) allows for a clean separation of business logic and user interface design. Thanks to excellent visual customization options, even complex surfaces can be easily implemented. One of the strengths of WPF is the ability to develop completely new, own components quickly and easily. The custom controls developed by us follow existing WPF concepts and can thus be seamlessly integrated.

Web development with HTML5, CSS3 and AJAX

Rapid advances in the field of web browsers make it possible today to realize web applications that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. We have extensive experience in the implementation of sophisticated web projects with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. In this, the back-end side also plays a crucial role. We will assist you in connecting your web services and help you in implementing them, always using proven concepts (like REST).


In mobile applications, all roads seem to lead to iPhone and iPad – for these devices have revolutionized the field. Because we develop our iOS apps natively in Objective C, optimum performance can be achieved. And thanks to our iOS toolkit, we are able to customize the look of your app very flexibly and efficiently.


When it comes to high performance and / or developing for multiple platforms, you can do without considering Qt. Comprehensive visual UI design possibilities with Qt Style Sheets and with the exciting new technology Qt Quick (QML) make it easy to give every Qt application its individual character. If required, we also implement custom controls where you can completely freely define the control logic and appearance.

The cooperation with Ergosign was smooth, efficient and fun. We especially liked the flexibility of the team and are very satisfied with the results. ”

Matthias Ettrich, Trolltech, Nokia Qt

Google Android development for phone and tablet

The Android operating system has the largest market shares in the smartphone sector and continues to grow rapidly. Due to the multitude of different devices, the Android platform poses very special challenges to the development of native apps. We take on these challenges with our experience and an arsenal of best practices, enabling an outstanding user experience design.