Service Capabilities

Scoping and Ideation

Successful projects rely on a profound knowledge of what is expected and required from a solution. In order to facilitate perfect preparation, we will first analyze your specific starting situation. In the subsequent ideation stage, initial ideas and possible solution approaches will be collected.

UX Team discussing innovative mobile UI Design approach, scoping and ideation


In order to make sure that the UI design complies with your goals and requirements, we recommend a preparative workshop. This serves for us to mutually define the project’s cornerstones, review the actual starting situation and define targets based thereon. Quite frequently, detailed quotations can not be prepared before such a scoping has taken place. Additionally, this serves to identify initial opportunities as well as possible risks at an early stage and with comparatively little efforts, which again allows for deducing appropriate measures for the steps to come. For sophisticated UX design projects, we additionally recommend an expert review or a model-based analysis to make out further options.


The ideation stage serves to develop and to roughly evaluate UX concepts. This might, for instance, happen by means of creative brainstorming or of methodical solution finding. As a result, we will present you with a selection of possible solution approaches that form the base for further discussions and serve to initialize the UI design stage. Since good user experience design generally stands in a direct relation to the overall product strategy, we also account for relevant strategic aspects already at this early stage of the project.

Integral range of requirements

Even though it is the end-user who is in the fore with our user-focused approach, we also generally take into account the solution strategy’s overall context. Our goal is to design products that do not only stand out by excellent usability but can also be successfully positioned on the market and/or within your company.

Cross-product strategy

We are happy to assist you with developing and implementing a harmonisation strategy for your various products. Bearing in mind relevant factors such as technology, application context or user groups, we will advice you on how to appropriately align your solutions.