GROB rotary palette storage system


The new GROB PSS-R rotary palette storage system can simultaneously process a multitude of different palettes. The work organization in terms of maximum efficiency is taken up by the PSS-R independently as far as possible. The autonome scope of action of the machine marks the active and successful entry in the field of industry 4.0.

In this complex environment, the by Ergosign designed user interface provides optimal support to both specialized and unskilled workers in their job.

With targeted on-site interviews, the Ergosign Team collected important data about users and usage settings, which directly informed the early design of their wireframes. Having validated a first UI-prototype at the 2015 EMO Milano Exhibition, Project Leader Benedikt Weiss and his team have further refined their model.

By working together with Ergosign we have managed to create a fantastic user experience
for the handling of our rotary pallet storage system. ”

Michael Keidler, Projektleiter Software (GROB)

Their clear, transparent design is focused on essentials, and employs modern animations and direct touch interaction to ensure the user can manage his work efficiently, without expensive training, and with pleasure.

We provide you an insight into our collaboration with GROB on the basis of the video (2:35) of the success story. Additionally we would like to reffer you to our blog of this project: Ergosign Blog Grob.