Siemens Infrastructure & Cities


Ergosign and Siemens have worked together for a number of years on projects focused on sustainable transformation of traffic management User Interfaces. This work supports the Infrastructure & Cities / Mobility & Logistics sectors of Siemens.

The entire process covers the following aspects (simplified):

  • Initial planning of transport knots (Siemens Office)
  • Supply of traffic control devices (Siemens smartCore)
  • Maintenance and fault clearance of traffic control devices (Siemens sX)
  • Operation and analysis of traffic flows (Siemens smartGuard and Scala)
Siemens Infrastructure & Cities / Mobility & Logistics

The creation of both a consistent and modern user experience led to diverse challenges: for example the control complexity of a single traffic light system on a country road differs from a dynamic traffic management system in a mega-city. This results in large differences in the requirement profiles of the users and their operating contexts: they range from office workstations to complex control centers with a variety of monitors and display walls to mobile programming of control strategies in stormy weather.

A variety of user studies in the direct application context provided the basis for all design decisions. Additionally, Ergosign validated fundamental concept changes in user interviews.
A modern User Experience was developed which encourages knowledge transfer between the applications through the conceptual consistency. Furthermore it is more robust against errors in stressful situations. The designers also focused on a uniform appearance despite a very heterogeneous technology mix. Particularly with regards to the increasing mobile usage great emphasis was put on responsive screen layouts - as far as it was technically possible. Thus, the UI design adjusts itself dynamically to the size of the device and responds to various interaction types. Thanks to the flexible layout and the modular design of the UI new requirements can be implemented quickly and powerful synergies can be achieved between teams.

Technical Environment

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • WPF
  • Java