Website of the eurodata group


The eurodata group develops and exploits software solutions for trading networks, tax consultants and SME as well as software products for industry 4.0 solutions implementations. More than 50.000 clients trust in the eurodata high performance data center, a save cloud “made in Germany”, with professional business intelligence, web and cloud services. Thereby eurodata takes on responsibility for the smooth operation of the solutions. Today more than 500 colleagues focus on the sustained success of eurodata-clients all over Europe. The eurodata AG was founded in 1965 with its headquarter located in Saarbrücken.

Within the scope of the redesign of the eurodata group website, a modern responsive design was created that on the one hand emphasizes the coherence and on the other hand shows the individuality of each company — eurodata, INFOSERVE and TTO.

For the creation of the information architecture Ergosign performed a card sorting. The interaction design was evaluated on the basis of wireframes within a usability test and the visual design was developed from two earlier variants via an online validation with round about 500 prospective users.

The implementation of the website was performed by INFOSERVE. Ergosign developed a responsive high-fidelity prototype in Antetype. This prototype was, in combination with the design documentation, the template for the developer.

During the whole design project Ergosign had a close collaboration with the marketing department of eurodata and INFOSERVE.

Technical Environment

  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Drupal