baramundi Management Suite


The baramundi Management Suite is software for client management and consists of modules. The solution is for IT administrators in firms that have automated administration of their PC clients, servers and mobile devices. It provides support from the initial installation and making of an inventory through service and maintenance and on to the secure erasure of data at the end of the life cycle. The software provides administrators with a convenient overview of their IT environment and information on the status at any time of every piece of equipment and job on a standardised user-friendly interface.

After years of continuous extension through numerous features, the 2012 software was ready for a fundamental makeover. As well as a change in the architecture, a new interface design was required to fulfil current expectations of an effective, efficient and emotionally engaging user experience. The starting point for the remodelling was a comprehensive expert analysis in which Ergosign identified both the problems with the existing interface and the potential for improvement. On the basis of this expert analysis, navigation variants were developed in several stages and improved on little by little, until the final interaction concept was arrived at.

The visual design of the baramundi Management Suite was also remodelled from scratch. Special emphasis was placed on user-centred design: tabs facilitate navigation between different clients and make it possible to work in parallel on different tasks; new dashboards provide the IT administrator with a clear overview of the environment, Windows clients and mobile devices. The design conveys the qualities: “businesslike”, “light” and “timeless” and emphasises the uncluttered, friendly look of the interface. To ensure that the new design fulfils the users’ requirements, Ergosign conducted validation interviews with a selection of users. 

Now with its new look and ergonomic optimisation, the user interface of the baramundi Management Suite provides both the tried and tested functionality and detailed improvements to lighten the workload. On top of that, performance in big environments has been improved markedly.

Technical environment

  • WPF