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Since 1986 Buhl Data Service GmbH has developed and distributed software for tax returns, financial administration and business solutions for small enterprises. After a successful, long-term cooperation between Ergosign and Buhl, Ergosign supported the company during the fundamental revision of the well-known tax application “WISO Steuer-Sparbuch” (WISO Tax-passbook).

The focus was set on the sustainable development and strategic expansion of the existing product portfolio. Thus, the product family, which previously consisted of a desktop solution for Windows (WISO Steuer-Sparbuch) and for Mac (WISO steuer:mac) was expanded with a new web application and mobile apps for iPad and Android Tablets.

The biggest challenge in the development process of the mobile versions was to optimally present the tax software – a very complex and extensive product – on the limited space of a mobile device’s screen. “It was particularly important to consider the platform-specific characteristics for all different applications and devices while maintaining a homogeneous look and feel within the entire product family“ says Tobias Zapp (Project Manager at Ergosign). In this way the Ergosign experts achieved a maximum consistency between the individual applications on the one hand and an excellent user experience (UX) on all devices on the other hand.

„The increasing use of touch devices and the fusion of mobile and classic desktop use cases continuously influences the usage behavior and expectations.“, so Peter Schmitz, who is director of Buhl Tax Service GmbH and responsible for the development of tax applications at Buhl. „Working at one workflow, such as the tax declaration, with several different devices requires a holistic view at the complete process chain and the user interaction in the individual device context. In Ergosign we found the perfect development partner, with whom we perfectly manage the balancing act between using existing,

In Ergosign we found the perfect development partner, with whom we perfectly manage the balancing act… ”

Peter Schmitz, Buhl Tax Service GmbH

well-known use concepts and the consequent employment of innovative, device specific potentials.“

The objective was to ensure that the usage „feels right“ on the Android Tablet as well as on the iPad. As a conclusion Ergosign UX experts also considered the specific interaction paradigms for each platform and thus received an at-all-time positive UX on each device. Due to the complex and possibly unknown topic of tax declaration, it was important to highlight the unity of the different products through a stringent and consistent look and feel. In this way, both a familiarity with the product was created and an easy switch between the different product versions is possible – this is especially useful for customers who begin their tax declaration on the computer and then add missing information by using the iPad. Automatic synchronisation across all applications ensures that the latest version of the tax return can be edited on any device.

Finally more than one million satisfied users have benefited from this concept and the successful cooperation of Ergosign and Buhl. The software has also won many tests in the financial and computing press (e.g. ct 2014, MacWelt 2014, Focus Money 2014, Computerbild 2014).

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