Immental Foundation


The Freiburg Volunteer Agency serves as a first point of call for those who want to get involved in voluntary work as well as for the charities and non-profit organisations that require active support. The Agency brings these two groups together and ensures that personal abilities and skills are put to good use.
The Immental Foundation has developed a web-based service for target-oriented linking of volunteers and organisations. The diverse range of offers of help is divided into three categories: donating time, donating money and donations in kind.
Ergosign has provided pro bono support for this project from its drafting and interaction design to the graphic presentation of the user experience. A user-friendly web platform has been created that allows the organisations to administer their requests efficiently and to set up new requests easily. And on the other hand, volunteers can find individualised directions to where their involvement is needed quickly and clearly.

Technical Environment

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript