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Perfect Career Launch for Graduates

You have already taken the first step in your career in the field of UI design or UI development by successfully graduating or completing your relevant education? Now you are ready for an interesting challenge? We offer you a perfect start into your professional UX career – with an extensive period of vocational adjustment and diversified project experience.


Which direction would you like to give your professional advancement? Depending on your subject, practical experience and personal interests, Ergosign lets you get started right away — in UX design, UX consulting or UI development.

UI Developer and UX Designer / Icon Designer discussing UI Design


Initially, all our staff members undergo a defined phase of vocational adjustment that serves to introduce you to various projects across all industries and all elements of the User Centered Design Life Cycle. Subsequently, you will profoundly specialize in your preferred field. Being part of not too big teams, your vocational adjustment will be supervised by one of our experienced team leaders who will in the beginning help you with all professional and administrative issues.

Regular feedback interviews, defined milestones and individualized training opportunities serve as additional support for you to achieve your goals. Moreover, weekly lunch & learn meetings and offsite events for all corporate branches ensure active exchange of experience as well as professional inspiration. They also leave enough time for team building and a relaxed get-together. Within a minimum of time, you will thus be able to gain extraordinarily extensive and varied project experience in the field of UI design that will support your career in the long run.