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Ergosign: sporty and climate-friendly


Cycling keeps you fit, saves time and is eco-friendly. Since April, Ergosign has therefore started providing company bicycles for its employees to use at each of its locations. Ergosign is thus sending a clear signal supporting environmental protection and mobility.

The bikes can be used for travel to the next appointment with clients or to get around the town centre quickly and flexibly for short errands or during the lunch break.
Equipped with helmet and bicycle basket, our staff can get to their destinations quickly, safely and in a climate-friendly way while at the same time doing something for their health.

Quiri – an app for pain assessment

The application for the assessment of pain is an Ergosign GmbH in-house project to demonstrate the user-centred development process of medical products following IEC 62366. In November 2014, “Quiri” was showcased at our Medica Trade Fair stand.

The app is currently intended for use by children and young people. With it you can assess and document the physical and mental state of a patient. The analogue methods of measurement were digitalised and made available for use from mobile devices. For doctors the use of the app allows the monitoring of the patient’s state remotely, which leads to more efficiency in doctors’ surgeries and in hospitals. As with telemedicine, countless appointments and trips to the doctor or hospital are eliminated. Furthermore, the assessment can be integrated into the patient’s daily life leading to an improvement in the quality of life particularly of those suffering from chronic illnesses. The great amount of data collected can contribute to an improvement in medical care and treatment strategies. For example, valuable information about the effectiveness of medicines can be gleaned.

The analysis phase began with extensive market research. Personas and user scenarios were also generated. In discussions with healthcare professionals, we were encouraged in our undertaking to digitalise the analogue procedure for objective pain assessment. In the design stage, scribbles and detailed wireframes were used to get closer and closer to the full functional range of the application for pain assessment.  In the visual design stage, the click dummy was given an aesthetically pleasing appearance. HTML5 and JavaScript/CSS were chosen as the general requirements for the technical implementation.

Validation for everyday practice is planned using usability testing - in consultation with the Pain Clinic in Berlin. An additional evaluation through a focus group of various healthcare professionals should confirm the results.

The longer-term aim is the elaboration for other operating systems and its conversion to a web application. In addition, the implementation of further measuring methods and other age cohorts and patient groups are planned. Likewise, the focus could be put on certain user-defined functions. Connecting the app with a drug database or a patient data management system would be possible.

The Ergosign team would be happy to hear from those interested in using “Quiri” as an app in clinical practice in order to improve patients’ quality of life together with us.

You can find further impressions and information in our

Review of the Automation Meeting in Böblingen

This year’s Automation Meeting took place on 26 March at the Congress Centre in Böblingen. New trends in the usability of machines were presented and current questions around the theme of process visualisation were answered.
At one of the user workshops, Senior UX designer Jan Groenefeld gave practical tips for the implementation of a modern HMI with VisiWin. Those attending also had the opportunity to test for themselves the new, modern input devices from Oculus Rift to Smartwatches.

Thank you to all participants for their visit and their contributions to the workshop.

Review: Lenze & Trends 2015

The interaction between people and machines is becoming increasingly important. At the same time there is a clear trend away from simple functioning, towards an intuitive user experience. Developers of modern user interfaces are faced with new challenges through technical developments, shifts in user expectations and a changing workplace.

Current trends and modern solutions in HMI design were therefore presented and discussed at the Lenze & Trends event on 12 March 2015 in Neukirchen. At this event Richard Gregorius (Lenze GmbH) presented the new Lenze user experience. Afterwards Jan Groenefeld, senior UX designer and lead industry solutions (Ergosign GmbH), gave an informative talk on new trends and developments in machine operation design. Sven Kröger (INOSOFT GmbH) presented the VisiWin7 high-performance visualising software and its implementation in user interfaces. He highlighted the new features and the advantages for customers.

The aim was to add value for the customer through the new operations concept. The increasing individualisation of products challenges them to harmonise set-up cycles and machine productivity. This can only be achieved if well-thought-out operation concepts and visualisation solutions are available. The new operating system for visualisation consists of innovative, high-resolution hardware and software, and features an impressive gesture-driven ergonomic operation, already well known today from the daily use of smartphones and tablets. Navigation is much simpler for the user than with the classical menu-based systems and therefore it is intuitive and easy to learn in a short time. In addition it provides the option of applying a safer two-handed operation in order to rule out mistakes made using one hand.

At the end of the event the visitors had a chance for informal exchanges with the experts and discussed new ideas and suggestions together.

Thank you for coming and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

New premises for new challenges

Since November 2014, Toni Steimle has led the Ergosign Switzerland AG team. Toni Steimle has been a passionate UX designer for 15 years and brings with him a wealth of experience as leader of UX teams, projects and initiatives.
To celebrate, a reception was held on 17 March 2015 in our premises in Zürich Westen. The great and the good of the Swiss UX scene met for a typical Swiss apéro riche to the sound of jazz music, in order to greet the new leader of Ergosign Switzerland in a relaxed atmosphere. The guests had a chance to look around the premises and to find out about current focus areas and projects. There were also plenty of opportunities to meet and talk to new and interesting people.

Thank you to all our guests for a wonderful afternoon and we look forward to exciting projects and experiences together.

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