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Sustainability meets UX - Do not miss it!


Only a few weeks left until the World Usability Day dealing with Sustainable UX starts: For the first time an interactive students workshop for a slim and fast conception of a bike sharing app is offered in Saarbrücken. In the afternoon exciting talks about „sustainable trouble“, improvement in quality of life for young patients by using UX design and about the practical use of design in aviation follow. Everything about the WUD Saarbrücken is provided on the website where you can instantly sign in for free.

Excellent HMI meets Industry 4.0 at the Sindex 2016


The linking of machines and blurring of the line between the virtual and physical world holds an enormous potential for the industry. At the same time, this change places new requirements on the production sites of the future - especially with regard to human-machine interaction. The increased complexity in terms of production control and monitoring goes hand in hand with a change of the operator role. In line with the motto “from operator to delegator”, HMI must be designed in such a way that the user can intervene in real-time, and this increasingly mobile and in particular, intuitively.

Here, augmented reality applications open up interesting perspectives. For example, they allow the display of relevant work instructions or important additional information, directly at the respective machine component. With our Show Case, we demonstrate how machine control of the future can work. We will run through a maintenance scenario, step by step, allowing even inexperienced operators to accomplish the task as best as possible. Stop by and test the interaction using data glasses and a tablet for yourself.

You can also get an impression of how the 4.0 operation is already in use, on the example of our joint success story with our customer GROB. Come and experience HMI of the future with us!

At the joint exhibition stand (hall 2.0 – B09) with Inosoft GmbH, we demonstrate how HMI of the future is created - from concept and design, process visualization to integration.

Make your reservation now to ensure your personal free ticket on www.sindex.ch/voucher using the code “s167pcg”. We are looking forward to seeing you at our stand at the Sindex 2016.

Sustainable UX - this year's World Usability Day explains it all


Sustainability in a different way: Combined with user experience, the topic of “sustainability” takes on a totally new dimension. But how do sustainability and UX go together? Essentially, they both have the same objectives: creating best experiences for the long-term. Products are constantly evolving and designed new, to make them more effective, efficient and optimally usable.
What role does UX have in the development of sustainable products? How can environmentally friendly concepts in the field of mobility and household become more attractive? These are the type of questions our UX experts will deal with in an exciting presentation program.
Visit us on November 10, 2016 at the World Usability Day in Saarbrücken, Berlin, Hamburg or Munich and learn more about how Green X will bring some change to the world.


This year, for the first time, a workshop session on the topic of UX Design will be offered at the World Usability Day Saarbrücken, which is specifically aimed at students. More information about the WUD Saarbrücken are provided here: WUD Saarbrücken

Excellent UX meets Industry 4.0 - The GROB rotary pallet storage system as an innovative pioneer


In the spring of 2015, GROB commissioned us to carry out the UX design for the newly developed rotary pallet storage system. Close contact developed with our project manager Benedikt Weiß (senior UX designer, Expert Animation Design), and a joint success story unfolded. We are delighted to be able to present the results of the project today.

In the video, on the basis of the GROB rotary pallet storage system, we demonstrate how user-centric design and a positive user experience in the industrial environment can occur and what potential they have.


The Company GROB

The company GROB is an internationally operating company with headquarters in Mindelheim/Germany and three production sites in Sao Paulo/Brazil, Bluffton/USA and Dalian/China. Worldwide, the GROB group, with approximately 4,500 employees, generates a revenue of 950 million euro (2013). The product portfolio ranges from the universal machining center up to the highly complex production system with its own automation, from machining assembly units up to fully automated assembly lines. Competence, high innovative power, quality, inter alia in the form of a high production depth, and reliability are what the name GROB stands for.

Together with Ergosign, as part of the new development of the rotary pallet storage system, GROB has actively pursuing the idea of industry 4.0 - the “digitization” of production and automation processes with the focus on the networking of man-machine and machine-machine with the goal of autonomous decision-making and planning skills of the respective machine.

What is a Rotary Pallet Storage System?

A rotary pallet storage system (RPSS) assures the automated supply of a tool machine with blanks. The RPSS coordinates the prepared jobs, conveys the parts to the machine and finally stores the finished workpieces in the memory again. Even if a user intervention is possible at any time in principle, this enables automated operation over an extensive period of time (e.g. weekend), as the orders prepared by the operator can be processed autonomously by the RPSS. This guarantees the maximum utilization of the connected machine tools with simultaneous greater flexibility in work processes.
However, the flexibility that a rotary pallet storage system (RPSS) brings with it necessitates a change of attitude in the employees involved: Up to now, only one individual pallet was processed in the machine. This was prepared and then removed again manually. With an RPSS, however, the complexity is far higher, as a variety of different pallets are in circulation simultaneously. The master computer decides autonomously, based on the philosophy of industry 4.0, on the paths and sequences of the individual pallets in order to obtain the greatest possible efficiency. In order to continuously guarantee a possible intervention in the automation, the operator must not lose the overview.

Vision: Transparency and Guide for Workers

Ergosign has designed a user interface, which optimally supports the skilled and unskilled workers, for GROB. The system is deliberately not designed as a “black box”, but depicts the machine status and the current activities at any time in a transparent and comprehensible way. The system supports the operator actively through automatic mechanisms, such as the coordination and initiation of work sequences of the pre-planned orders.

By working together with Ergosign we have managed to create a fantastic user experience for the handling of our rotary pallet storage system. ”

Michael Keidler, Projektleiter Software (GROB)

We have insisted that the user retain control and can intervene manually. This ensures a high level of user acceptance in this extremely automated work environment. A design that is reduced to the essential elements and the use of targeted UI animations support this aspiration and enable efficient work and a positive experience for the operator.

The Result

A user-centric design and a positive user experience are occured in the industrial environment, whereby the user can handle its work without extensive trainings but with pleasure. We would like to thank you for the great cooperation with the GROB team and look forward to further joint steps in the direction of industry 4.0. Additionally we would like to reffer you to our blog of this project: Ergosign Case Study GROB

If you want to write a success story like this together with us or have questions about the project, I am always at your disposal.

Jan Groenefeld

Lead Industry Solutions

New premises for more creativity


The Swiss team’s new office is only 100 meters as the crow flies away from Lake Zurich. Our colleagues at 101 Dufourstraße relocated here at the beginning of August and have already established a creative work basis.

The fantastic view of the lake, which provides calm for creative breaks, and the much larger offices, immediately win you over. There is also a separate meeting room as well as a creativity room with the obligatory Ergosign table soccer.

We wish our Zurich colleagues lots of good times in the new Lake Zurich office!

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