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Ergosign is back from the DWX 2015


Our UI developers are back in Saarbruecken from three fascinating days in Nuernberg. They’ve brought with them lots of new impressions and ideas from the Developer Week 2015.

For the second time running Ergosign acted as a sponsor of the Developer Week and presented itself to the audience of experts with a stand at the fair. In addition, Markus Kühner answered the question of what it is really involved in the development of a product from the UX-perspective in his lecture “From usefulness to usability to user experience” and the following panel discussion. Who should be involved and how? What does that mean for the planning of the project? And for the budget?

Thank you to all those who showed such interest, for the stimulating discussions, and for the valuable exchange of ideas.

In search of tomorrow’s UX designers and UI developers – Ergosign at the Recruitment Fair on the Campus Birkenfeld


Jobmesse Birkenfeld 2015

What does a UX designer do all day? What sort of projects is a UI designer involved in? What is it like to work with big clients? And what are the advantages of a job in a modern, medium-sized enterprise like Ergosign? Last Thursday, we were happy to answer these and many other questions posed by students of the Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld at the 5th Recruitment Fair. Many of the students were surprised at the variety of entries to a career at Ergosign – from a placement while studying or the final degree assignment to direct entry – all doors are open.

Thank you to all the students who showed such lively interest and we are already looking forward to next year!

Exciting insights from the Dialogue Industry 4.0 Forum


A further contribution to the saar.is series of events entitled “Dialogue Industry 4.0 – Forum for intelligent, networked manufacturing” took place on Tuesday, 9 June 2015 at the University Technology Centre of the University of Applied Sciences Saarland (HTW). 
Our senior user experience designer and co-lead industry solutions, Natalie Oster, took part in the event.
A genuine Saarland solution was presented from the field of production logistics and intralogistics, a joint development project of the QBING research group with Professor Hütter of the Saar HTW and the Saarland firms HAGER and ORBIS. First the technical data from the shop floor are collected as they are created and transferred to the ERP system where they are then processed. In return, information from the ERP system is passed on to the machine control systems. Thus a more efficient value chain can be achieved.

The participants at the event also had the opportunity to look around the QBING research centre with exhibits concerned with the integration of new technology and with devices like the iBeacon and the Google Glass, which could be looked at and tested.

Thank you to the organisers and lecturers for the insights they gave into their projects and we look forward to the further events in this series.

From design to user experience – we’ll show you the solution at the DWX 2015


Come and see us at our stand (number 14) between 15 June and 17 June 2015 for the Developer Week and find out about the new approaches that have been continuously optimising the collaboration of designers and developers for the best possible user experience.
How do I achieve a superb user experience for my product? Some people think there’s nothing simpler and set to work armed with good intentions. They employ a professional to conceive, validate and develop a design. Due to their simplicity and clear colour scheme, the “painted” screens radiate an elegance that they dared not dream of (wishful thinking, but not impossible). Job done? Sadly not!

vom UX Design zur User Experience

The problem – The design still needs to reach the end user. So it is put into the hands of a dedicated and conscientious team of UI developers (the downfall is approaching), that goes straight to work and implements the specifications of the UX designer. And it is precisely here that things go wrong and, in the end, the result is a disappointingly mediocre user interface, disappointing for the developer too.

Happy End vom UX Design zur User Experience

The solution – Understanding. The knowledge basis of many developers is completely different from that of the UX designers. It is just not enough to stipulate in a style guide exactly which colours and spacings are to be used and how the interactions are to function. The team of developers must be able to understand the reasoning behind the design that is passed on to them. This is because during the process of development lots of design decisions will still need to be made that the design team could not have foreseen – or even have to be made counter to the original design. Our experience has shown us that it pays to involve the team of developers already in the design stage; and not just as silent listeners, but as active participants. This enables them to understand the thinking behind design decisions and, as a by-product, it saves time and effort during the development. For example when a developer points out that existing components could easily be reused and could, when optimised by the design team, solve the problem just as elegantly and intelligibly as the proposed customised solution.

We look forward to seeing you at the DWX 2015!

Ergosign Hackathon 2015 successfully completed!


This year’s Ergosign Hackathon took place two weeks ago. An interdisciplinary team of ten designers and developers rose to the challenge of creating an Ergosign experience spanning locations. The team worked day and night for two productive, creative and intensive days to produce an “Ergosphere”, the interactive program for all locations!

Again and again it is fascinating to see what amazing results and creative solutions a motivated, interdisciplinary team can achieve in just two days (and nights ;-)). ”

Markus Kühner, UX Manager

In future, every office kitchen will be fitted with a touch-screen monitor and a webcam. These are then set to switch on automatically by a motion sensor. The monitor can be used as a digital pinboard to exchange short notes or for playing noughts and crosses. Ergosphere also gives information about the weather at the location, the music playlists currently being played, the latest tweets and the chat status of all members of staff. A neat extra feature is the interactive coffee counter that measures the coffee consumption at each location and shows it on a graph.

We are planning to create an executable beta version in the near future so that all those at Ergosign can get to know each other better.

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